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Available for both sail and power instruction.

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The pace and length of the course is tailored to meet your specific needs and desires.

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Instructional skills

This course further develops a skilled sailor with techniques to transfer their knowledge to new comers to the Sailing community. A IQ Clinic at our facilities and some well prepared schedules coupled to your skills can allow you to sail and teach our customers the ASA program on our pristine sailboats in the Gulf Islands in a variety of conditions.

Electronics and App skills

In this skills training session, our experienced instructors will review many electronics and application including Radar, AIS and In Reach to add to your sailing skills. See Electronics & App`s

Docking skills

This course further develops basic docking skills, developing techniques for handling single engine sailboats in tight quarters as well as methods of securing sailboats to docks in a variety of conditions.

Anchoring skills

In this skills training session we will show you how to select a safe anchorage, taking into account the wind and currents and allowing for tide changes whilst at anchor, included is the allowance for short term, storm and over-night conditions.

Mooring buoy skills

In this skills training session we will show you how to select a safely grab the mooring ball, taking into account the wind and currents, included is the allowance for short term, storm and over-night conditions and sailing off the mooring ball.
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Flying a spinnaker

Let us build your confidence in flying an asymetrical spinnaker also known as a gennakar or cruising spinnaker. Topics covered is hoisting, launching, trimming, gybing and dousing.


ASA114 Cruising Catamaran
Prerequisites: Basic Keelboat (101) and Basic Coastal Cruising (103). The Bareboat Charter Standard (104) is also a prerequisite and can be attained either by itself prior to BBC Multihull (114) or in conjunction with BBC Multihull (114). In either case, all material in both standards (104 & 114) must be taught and tested before 114 can be awarded.

Course in April & May , only 1 cabin for a couple left includes ASA 101, 103, 104, 114 plus certification, book now

Description: An advanced cruising standard for individuals with cruising experience. The individual can act as skipper and crew of a 30-50 foot multihull sailboat by day in coastal waters. The standard includes those skills unique to a 30-50 foot multihull.

We will announce dates for some of these endorsements, you should however expect to do private tuition to suit your schedule. You pick your yacht and let us do the rest. We will send you and your crew the course material . We will pick a qualified instructor for your group. Your private instructor will contact you to identify your goals and start planning your itinerary!


  • Choice: You choose the dates that work the best for you
  • Yachts: You choose the size, type and comforts of your yacht
  • Privacy: Your very own private Instruction for just your group, no other students
  • Destination: Your itinerary is decided by you and your group!
  • Flexibility: You can go for as long as you would like
  • Early boarding: Board at 10:00 AM on your first day
  • Easy provisioning: We can shop for you, $30 per person per day or our local Thrifty Foods can deliver straight to your boat using their online ordering service: www.thriftyfoods.com.

Additional Costs:

  • Course Material: $40 per manual
  • Moorage: Averages $1.25 per foot at Marinas only
  • Fuel: Minimal - the more you sail, the less fuel you use!
  • Instructor/ Skippers: $380 per day for monohull and $410 per day for catamaran

Yacht Charters Vancouver Island

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