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Private Instruction:

Available for both sail and power instruction.

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Did you know?

The pace and length of the course is tailored to meet your specific needs and desires.

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Private cruise 'n learns

All courses offered at ISLAND CRUISING Sailing School may also be taken on a Private basis. Only you, your family and friends on board with the instructor. This option is very popular with couples and families. It is especially good for families with younger children.
The course offerings are the same as the standard schools, or we can customize a program to match your needs.

Private Cruise 'n Learns are exactly as they sound, a Cruise 'n Learn vacation designed by you, for you. This program is customized to your group, which yacht you would like to charter, the course levels you would like to take, and the length of your trip.

You pick your yacht and let us do the rest. We will send you and your crew the course material . We will pick a qualified instructor for your group. Your private instructor will contact you to identify your goals and start planning your itinerary!


  • Choice: You choose the dates that work the best for you
  • Yachts: You choose the size, type and comforts of your yacht
  • Privacy: Your very own private Instruction for just your group, no other students
  • Destonation: Your itinerary is decided by you and your group!
  • Flexibility: You can go for as long as you would like
  • Early boarding: Board at 10:00 AM on your first day
  • Easy provisioning: We can shop for you, $30 per person per day or our local Thrifty Foods can deliver straight to your boat using their online ordering service:
  • The Only Restriction: You can't sail into US Coastal Waters with a Canadian Instructor/Skipper

Additional Costs:

  • Course Material: $40 per manual
  • ASA Certification Fee: $80 per person (Includes certificate & 1 year membership & International Proficiency Certificate)
  • ASA Exams: $20 per exam (ASA-105 $25)
  • Moorage: Averages $1.25 per foot at Marinas only
  • Fuel: Minimal - the more you sail, the less fuel you use!
  • Instructor/ Skippers: $380 per day for monohull and $410 per day for catamaran

Yacht Charters Vancouver Island

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